Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.

- Scott Adams

Welcome! My name is Renato Francia and whether you are working on your idea, just started or have no notion where to start your project, this is the only blog that's going to expand your creative juices so you can get your ideas from zero to DONE. Here we talk about the latest techniques and tools to get you started. Welcome to The Creative Process.



Here's a piece of advice, before you start anything you have to find out what you will need to get...

Today is a great day since I've been able to finally step up the platter and work on what is known...

How many times have you've been rejected just because you didn't have enough experience?

It was dark summer night. I was again unable to sleep. My rent is overdue for the 5th time this year...

You have 24 hours to live. Not one minute more. Not one minute less. You are trapped and have...

I stood there in shock. A 8-year old kid had just asked a 20-year-old college student what did he...



Renato Francia Castillo is the lead web developer at with 3 years of experience in web development both Back-end and Front-End.

He has worked different projects ranging from maintaining sites to the development of e-commerce sites from scratch. His colleagues know him as highly creative, self-motivated and an active learner of the virtual arts. Also, he is a team player who is always willing to address a question when given. Furthermore, he always does his research to understand the audience and the business of the audience he is helping.

In his spare time, Renato loves to code, dance salsa, play the piano and create new products.


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